Analytics Life Cycle

Business Research

What are your company’s key business drivers? Where do your largest business opportunities exist? To deliver a high value solution, Pebblewash must first understand the business environment and the needs of your organization.

Platform Setup

What environment do you require to provide actionable insight?  Real time or data-at-rest? Do you need your analytics executed as close as possible to your data, reducing time to value?  Pebblewash will guide the selection, installation, and configuration of the optimal toolset for your needs from the perspective of the analytics you need to find actionable insights.

Data Ingestion (ETL/ELT)

Where is data located in your organization?  Do data silos exist?  Do the right people have the right data in the right timeframes?  Pebblewash will help integrate existing data sources and define new data flows to support the discovery of valuable insights.

Data Assessment

Is your data clean?  How is your data created?  Without valid data an organization is at risk of making the wrong decisions. Pebblewash helps correct and avoid “garbage in, garbage out” analytical processes.


What analytical results do you require?  Can you leverage forecasting, supervised/unsupervised machine learning, or other types of advanced statistical applications?  Does your organization require a more simple solution that provides straightforward insights without overcomplicating things?  Pebblewash can help navigate through the complex world of mathematical analysis, delivering a fluid and functional solution end-to-end.

Presentation of Results

Does your organization require real-time dashboarding? Do you need what-if analysis, annual reports, or alerting?  Because the most important decisions are made by people, data delivery must be easily consumable. The ability or inability to provide intuitive results is as critical as the analytics that drive it. Pebblewash has years of experience delivering meaningful results in easily digestible formats including interactive dashboards, on the fly self-serve summary reports for sharing, and multi-level reporting formats that allow interested parties to drill down to the weeds for the details that most interest them.

Review Toolset

The  realities of big data and data science change every month, so no matter how far along the path of advanced analytics your organization has travelled, it is critical at the end of each iteration to stop and consider what can now be done more efficiently and effectively. Pebblewash is directly connected with the companies producing the next generation of tools and to the community of academics and entrepreneurs already thinking about the generation of tools to come after that. We can help you recognize which of the latest approaches offer the highest value for your organization.

Document and Train

What value are experts in any discipline if you’re left none the wiser for engaging them? To successfully transform a business and help it to vault over its competition it is critical that the corporate team understands the work that has been done and the work that is coming next. Pebblewash Analytics Life Cycle is built on the concept that documentation and training for the custom systems we deploy at our customers’ sites must be a constant process. No surprises, no undocumented features, and no magic black boxes.