The Pebblewash team has years of experience extracting, modeling, and analyzing data for multiple products and services, each of which generates billions of rows of data every day.

The Pebblewash team is expert in service level agreement modeling, tracking, and reporting, as well as diagnostic and predictive analytics for commercial services running in a production environment.

The Pebblewash team is experienced in multiple analytics techniques including predictive data models, time series analysis, recommendation systems, A/B testing, and taste graphs.

The Pebblewash team is skilled in the deployment, integration, and daily use of many big data and analytics tools including Hadoop, Greenplum, Alpine Data Labs, Python Scripting, R, SAS, and Tableau.

The Pebblewash team is connected to the companies developing leading-edge analytics tools, including beta testing new products before they are released to the public.

The Pebblewash team includes business-oriented data scientists, data architects, statisticians, mathematical programmers, and IT specialists.