Assessment and Recommendations

Two to three week engagement exploring:

  • data sources and quality
  • infrastructure and tools
  • initial goals
  • long-term goals
  • action plan with detailed roadmap

Data Platform Design and Deployment

Two month minimum engagement delivering:

  • hosting environment
  • processing, analysis, and reporting tools
  • data storage
  • data security
  • data collection and amalgamation

Data Validation, Modeling and Reporting

Six month minimum engagement, focused on:

  • data validation
  • data model design, implementation, and iteration
  • algorithm design, implementation, and iteration
  • exploration of advanced reporting potential revealed by current data model
  • identification of high-value reporting targets
  • automated report definition and creation
  • interactive dashboard definition and creation

Analytic Systems Auditing

Two to three month engagement validating and refining existing analytic systems:

  • infrastructure review and recommendations
  • security review and recommendations
  • tools review and recommendations
  • methods review and recommendations