Real-Time Analytics and Prediction

The faster you can gain insight, the faster your business can react.  Don’t keep storing old data with the hope of doing something with it sometime. Connect the leading edge real time tools to your live data and use today’s numbers with yesterday’s results for instant visibility into how things are going, and how they are likely to go in the future based on what’s happening right now.

Pebblewash will empower you to process automatically billions of rows of real time data to provide up to the minute interactive insights into how your business is performing now and tomorrow.

Service Level Agreements

Your customers have every right to be demanding and to expect you to live up to your promises. At the same time, you need to be certain that you’re able to accurately measure and report on your service delivery to ensure your company’s profits are not consumed by the payment of inaccurate SLA claims.

Pebblewash will create the data models required to understand your company’s SLA compliance, and then gather and process the data needed to measure service performance against guaranteed levels.

Competitive Intelligence

Connect your internal BI, data platform, and advanced analytics to key data streams found outside your organization. Track the trending and popularity of your offerings in social media against those of your competitors and map them all against what’s happening out in the world, from your marketing programs, product launches, IPO announcements, to international sporting events or natural disasters.

Pebblewash will connect your internal reporting and analytics systems to data streams from the outside world including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, news sites, custom event calendars, world event calendars and more.

Recommendation Engines

The absence of knowledgeable floor staff standing ready for questions at the customer’s elbow is a significant sales issue for online retailers. The largest online stores already use recommendation engines built by large teams of specialized staff to help make additional sales to their customers without human intervention.

Pebblewash will build a custom recommendation engine for your clientele and product catalog connected to your data and analytics platform, creating an automated sales system that becomes more accurate over time, reporting instantly to your executive team.

Taste Profiles

Learning the interests and preferences of your online customers is a tricky business, particularly when what you really need to understand is what else this customer might be interested in buying right now. Taste profiling tracks the interests of individual users and compares them against other users to help determine what else a customer might be interested in purchasing, even if this is their first visit to your site.

Pebblewash will build a taste profiling system that will help ensure your customers are quickly and easily finding everything they might be interested in, no matter whether this is their first visit to your site or their tenth visit today.

Sentiment Analysis and Prediction

How do you measure the word on the street when your store is in the cloud? Through sentiment analysis and prediction. Using data feeds from social media sites and your own online presence it’s possible to measure how people are feeling about your company, your products, and your competitors.

Pebblewash will build your sentiment analysis and prediction engine as an integral part of your data and analytics platform.

Data Platform Design and Deployment

The tools that comprise your data platform underlie all business intelligence, big data, and advanced analytics. The correct foundational tools will ease the transition from messy BI to precise views into your data and actionable insights.

Pebblewash will assess your data and analytics needs for today and tomorrow, and design a data platform that will fit your long term data roadmap.

BI Fundamentals

The current analytics reality for many companies today is time-consuming manually created reports built from un-validated data. Worse, many find themselves unable to regularly deliver reports of consistent accuracy, or provide meaningful insights or plans of action from the reports they can produce.

Pebblewash’s extensive experience with big data and advanced analytics can help your BI team transform their current cut and paste reality into a engine for accurate, automated, and reproducible reporting on all of the basic information any company requires.